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  • The December 13 episode of Jeopardy featured the above question, proving beyond a doubt that the show’s researchers make good choices in reading.
  • And in viewing, apparently: The quote about “vague steering” came from the YouTube video below, created in 2009 to accompany a magazine story.
  • The question was in the $800 category. Flattering!

    If you happened to be watching Jeopardy last night, December 13, you might have noticed a familiar publication—this one, in fact—appearing as a $800 answer under the category “Word War Z.” We’ve received honors before, but this one is in a category by itself.

    Although two of the three contestants live in Michigan, where our headquarters is located—and one of them even comes from our own town, Ann Arbor—it was Jeanne Fuller of Irvine, California, who made quick work of the C/D answer (the correct question, of course, was, “What is a Zamboni?”). It comes in at 14:16 on the episode video below.

    Now, of course, you want to know what story this came from. Jeopardy reached all the way back to 2009 for this classic Zamboni story. Fortunately, there’s also a video of that:

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