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Top this, Lewis Hamilton.

A 19-year-old piloting a 2016 BMW M3 was caught on radar doing 176 miles per hour just after midnight Wednesday on Interstate 5 south of Portland, Oregon.

The teen, who spent a night in jail and was fined $1,100, told Washington County sheriff’s deputies that at one point he had hit 183 mph.

Not surprisingly, his license was suspended.

“In my 15-year career, I’ve never seen a speed this high anywhere,” Sgt. Danny DiPietro told “When you’re going at that speed, you’re going to hit something, and someone’s going to die.”

A patrol deputy armed with a speed gun broadcast a description of the blue sedan after measuring its speed on I-5 near Oregon Route 217. Another deputy spotted the car leave the interstate, then both “pinned” it when it stopped on the off-ramp.

DiPietro said the teen was booked into the county jail on one count of reckless driving and has since been released. Anyone caught speeding above 100 mph faces an automatic $1,100 fine and a six-month suspension of his license, DiPietro said.

For 2016, the M3 performance sedan came with a 425-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six engine and a standard six-speed manual or optional seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission.

A report in The Drive speculated that the F80 M3 may have been modified to exceed its speed limiter, or that the twin-turbo may have been adjusted to make more power. You think?

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