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Car Loan Myths

  1. You need an income of at least $30,000 to qualify for a car loan in Canada. False. This number is often tossed about by some car dealerships and banks, but Canadians can get approved for an auto loan with far lower annual incomes.
  2. Self-employed workers won't qualify for a car loan. False. As long as you can demonstrate an annual income, you can get approval for an auto loan through our service.
  3. Applicants without credit need a big down payment to be approved for a car loan. False. Many of our applicants get approved for car loans with no money down and no credit history at all.
  4. Applicants without a FICO score can't be approved for a car loan. False. No FICO, no worries. If you're new to the country or haven't had time to build your credit score, you can still be approved for a car loan.
  5. Low credit auto loans are only available in major provinces like Alberta and Ontario. False. Our auto loan network operates in every province, so no matter where you live, you can get a loan.
  6. Non-bank car loans come with sky-high interest rates and weird, hard-to-understand term structures. False. Reputable non-bank vehicle financing is widely available in Canada, with reasonable interest rates and a loan process that's clear for borrowers.

Car Loan Facts

  1. Canadians love to buy used cars. In fact, used cars currently outsell new cars in Canada 2 to 1.
  2. About 50% of all the vehicles on Canada's roads are 8 years or older.
  3. New car sales in Canada hit an all-time high in 2015, totaling 1,898,485 units, up 2.5% from 2014.
  4. According to J.D. Power and Associates, nearly 7 out of every 10 buyers who financed a new vehicle in the last 12 months took a loan of 72 months or longer.
  5. J.D. Power and Associates also report that nearly 1 in 5 new cars in Canada is leased rather than purchased outright — that's up from just 1 in 20 a few years ago.
  6. Fiat-Chrysler was the number one selling vehicle manufacturer in Canada in 2015, with 293,061 total sales.

Car Loan Tips

The road to getting a car loan doesn't have to be bumpy. Follow these quick and easy vehicle financing tips:

  • Shop for a loan before you shop for a car
    Find a lender that'll work with you before you pick a vehicle. That way you’ll know what you can afford — and on what terms. Choose the right car loan for you and your family.
  • Opt for a shorter car loan
    If you can, choose a car loan with a reasonably short term. Your monthly payments will be higher, but you’ll save a lot on interest, making your vehicle a better deal over the long haul.
  • Avoid multiple credit checks
    Too many credit inquiries can damage your credit, potentially leading to higher interest rates. We'll make sure the lender only does a single pull of your credit history, so you can keep your credit score as high as possible.
  • Don’t use your credit card to buy a vehicle
    Credit cards have many great uses, but purchasing a vehicle isn't one of them. You’ll end up paying more on interest than you need to, and the fees and penalties for late payments can devastate your finances.

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