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Elon Musk took the stage in late 2019 to announce a radical new electric pickup, and despite some hiccups during the presentation, the Cybertruck immediately generated buzz. However, the wait since then has been so long that it’s started to seem like the pickup is never coming. Despite that, development has continued and Tesla insists it’s about to launch. To coincide with said launch, there’s a surprising promotion happening. Tesla is giving away a Cybertruck in a raffle to promote its updated referral program, and almost anyone can enter using the automaker’s app.

Twitter user BabyTesla noticed the raffle and posted screenshots showing that users must have 500 credits to enter. Credits come with referrals sent to non-Tesla owners or purchasing items from the Tesla shop. Depending on the model, referring a buyer to Tesla could net as many as 3,500 points if said referral buys a Model S or X, or 2,000 points for the referral getting a Model 3 or Y. Simply buying a Model S or X by oneself as an existing Tesla customer nets the purchaser 6,000 credits, and a 3 or Y will bring in 3,000 points.

Though the offer isn’t truly free – you need to buy something from or sell something for Tesla to get points – the real value here is getting a Cybertruck without paying anything extra, and maybe getting one sooner than other buyers. Of course, we don’t know exactly how much the truck will cost, which is strange so close to its release, but given Tesla’s recent price hikes and subsequent cuts, it likely won’t land at the originally projected $40,000 starting price.

This promotion marks Tesla’s relaunch of its referral program, which has had a bumpy road to date. It’s been an on-again, off-again project for the automaker, initially launching several years ago before receiving mixed reviews from several owners and media outlets. It remains to be seen how this latest revamp will pan out, but any potential bad press won’t be as bad as the chorus of criticism that will come should Tesla miss yet another Cybertruck delivery milestone.

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