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On this week’s episode of Window Shop, the shoppers are tasked with finding cars for sale online that they’d want to take to a high school reunion. With a budget of $100,000, the crew sets out to find cars that will leave the right impression. As you’ll see, the definition of “right impression” varies greatly.

Almost immediately, the conversation shifts to R&T senior editor John Pearley Huffman‘s teenage years and how he’d never want to see any of the people he knew way back when. Pearley chooses a Toyota, which isn’t that unusual for him, but his find is a bit odd. Contributor Jonathon Ramsey continues to be cagey about his age, but his Lotus Esprit Turbo puts the challenge back on track and looks like a car that might get his former classmates’ attention.

The youngest person on the show this week, director of video content Carlos Lago confesses to wearing frosted tips and growing up in a world that worshipped Hummers. To make sure he gets noticed, Lago shops for a couple of Hummers and settles on the new electric Hummer pickup, which may not be available in time for his 20-year reunion. Like Huffman and Ramsey, deputy testing director K.C. Colwell makes it clear that he has zero desire to try to impress his secondary school chums, so he picks a car that makes him smile, the G-body Porsche 911. While the crew is impressed, there is a collective gasp when Colwell shows the prices that are being asked for clean air-cooled 911s.

Last but not least, Window Shop host Tony Quiroga presents a car that is as much a status symbol as it is beautiful. Fortunately, reliability and maintenance costs aren’t part of this challenge because his car runs on $100 bills. In the end, a winner is crowned, but the real winners are the viewers.

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