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In this episode, the C/D crew looks for cars that have the potential to increase in value in the near future. If you’re like us, you’ve watched in awe as air-cooled Porsches, fourth-generation Toyota Supra Turbos, and BMW E30s went from being interesting and attainable used cars to being expensive and highly sought-after collectibles. So before we get priced out of the cars of our dreams, we decided to hunt for vehicles that are underappreciated at the moment. We gave ourselves a generous $20,000 budget, but many of us found cars that were well below that.

This week, our usual panel of staffers is joined by editorial director Joe Brown. A Window Shop rookie, Brown reveals himself to be a die-hard Saab enthusiast, having owned three of the Swedish orphans with a fourth on the way.

Most of our picks are pretty defensible, although one particular choice by senior editor Jonathon Ramsey makes us question his judgment. (It’s an AMC.) The esoteric facts flow fast throughout the conversation. Did you know that the Honda S2000 and the first-generation Honda Insight had the same steering wheel? Small world. Interested in learning the total cargo capacity of a classic Saab 900? Then stay tuned. If you listen to the end, you’ll even find out what it’s like to stay in a hotel made of ice and what happens when you can’t make it to the bathroom. Where else can you get this stuff?

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