s2000 jump on gunsai togue

のちすたチャンネル on YouTube

The Honda S2000 is a serious machine. With a sky-high redline and one of the most potent naturally aspirated four-cylinders ever made, the light roadster demands a serious driver to get the most out of it. And few drivers are as serious as the one in this video, uploaded in may by Nochisuta Channel on YouTube.

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The video features an S2000 attacking what one Reddit commenter identifies as Gunsai Touge, which you might know from Initial D or Best Motoring. It's one of the more famous touges—or winding/mountain roads—in Japanese car culture, in part because of its tight turns and high-speed sections. It demands full attention, with zero runoffs and no room for error. So it's all the more surprising to see an S2000 going so fast it catches air.

That jump, the climax of the video, is what got the video posted on the /r/cars subreddit this week. It shows the lowered S2000 grabbing air, slamming back down in a shower of sparks, and kicking sideways into a perfectly controlled drift. But the whole video is worth watching, if only for the bravery required to maintain this pace on such a treacherous road.

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