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  • Swedish hypercar specialist Koenigsegg figured, if you can’t do your actual jobs, why not pretend you’re doing someone else’s?
  • So, you cast your employees as hackers, thieves, and criminal masterminds and film an action movie on your abandoned military base HQ in Sweden.
  • Remind us never to entrust our cars to Ghost Squadron, though.

    It’s easy to tell which automaker is having the most fun during the COVID-19 quarantine. It’s the one with the employees who got to make a mini action movie—complete with a chase scene and an explosion—while the rest of the world was in lockdown.

    For those of us still under some sort of stay-at-home order, it seems odd to see people who you know were filmed in the recent past interacting without masks or any obvious concern for social distancing, but Sweden took a different—and, it turned out, somewhat dangerous—path when the coronavirus hit.

    We’ll leave the discussion about whether the plan was a good one for another time and instead focus on the 12-minute “mini blockbuster” that the hypercar company posted to YouTube.

    Called Time to Reign, the short is billed as a Spare Time In-House Koenigsegg Production, and it’s way better than you would think when you get your marketing and event coordinator to play a talented spy/thief and your car designer to act as a hacker helping her out.

    christian koenigsegg washing regera video

    scene from koenigsegg movie

    Koenigsegg via YouTube

    CEO Christian von Koenigsegg not only helped write the script but also plays the fancy guy who’s out washing his sports car in what’s supposed to be Ängelholm, Sweden, in the summer of 2021 when someone calls to say she would rather have his Regera than let him keep it. But it’s the last one ever made, he says, and then tells his team to put the car into safe storage.

    What follows includes the aforementioned thief and hacker and a security group called the Ghost Squadron that has a decidedly lax approach to just how much auditory attention guards should be paying to the world around them. They do do a great job of dancing while working, though. There’s a bit of rich-person flash with a scene that’s supposed to be in Monte Carlo as well as a pretty good joke about remote access to a connected car.

    But the car is the real star here, of course. The Regera, which (spoiler alert) you do get to see speed down some lovely asphalt during the chase scenes, is a $2 million supercar that was built in a very limited edition of 80. They’re all sold out, which gives the plot a bit of authenticity, but there are other moments in the video where we had to rely on movie magic for things to make sense. In the real world, for example, the Regera’s 1500-hp hybrid powertrain would be enough to blow the tires off most competitors, but in the film, for a while anyway, this one can barely outrun a beat-up old Volvo 940 wagon. It’s lovely.

    Koenigsegg has been known to enjoy Easter eggs, and that trait serves them well here. If you know why the company puts a ghost on its vehicles, then the name of the security team makes sense. Also, if you speak enough Swedish to be able to translate Regera into English, then the film’s title,Time to Reign, all of a sudden snaps into focus as well.

    All in all, the Koenigsegg team knows how to surprise us with what they’ve been up to recently. What’s no surprise is that the video is popular, racking up 100,000 views in its first 20 hours.

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