An 8.0-liter V-10 is a lot of engine for most people, but for those looking for more speed, sometimes it’s not enough. The Dodge Viper, as we’ve seen in the past, responds well to forced induction. Twin-turbo setups are wildly popular on Vipers destined for drag and runway racing. This one might be the most extreme of all.

This Viper, owned by Sal Patel, has been extensively upgraded for straight-line speed. It sports two turbos and a ton of custom air-duct work. It was able to lay down a scarcely believable 2872 horsepower on a hub dyno during a recent test. Video of the run shows the car moving massive amounts of air within the test facility, blowing loose objects and smoke everywhere. Toward the end, you can see the exhaust manifolds visibly glowing orange.

Bangshift believes that, despite the numbers, the car still uses the stock engine block. Pretty wild for something this powerful. We’re curious to see what it can do once it actually hits pavement.

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