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Enthusiasts whose resolution for 2022 is to finally put their classic Toyota back on the road may be in luck. Gazoo Racing is expanding its Heritage Parts catalog with 56 hard-to-find items that are no longer in production, including components for the 40-Series Land Cruiser.

Announced in August 2021, the first batch of reproduction 40-Series parts includes a brake master cylinder, a steering relay rod, and 31 other items that haven’t been detailed yet. We know the list focuses on parts related to critical functions, like driving, turning and braking.

The catalog of 2000GT parts will grow with a clutch disc, rubber brake lines, and five other unspecified items. It already includes gears, synchro hubs and sleeves, shift forks, plus various bolts, bearings and gaskets. Supporting the 2000GT makes sense: Only 351 units were built between 1967 and 1970, so finding a parts car is nearly impossible, and it stands proud as one of the most valuable Japanese cars.

Supra parts are in hot demand as well. Interest in older models grew significantly after Toyota unveiled the fifth-generation car for 2020. In 2022, collectors restoring a third-generation A70 model will be able to order 11 reproduction parts, including a catalytic converter and a parking brake cable, while those with a fixer-upper fourth-generation A80 can look forward to sourcing keys, locks and an ignition barrel. Supra owners already have a long list of spares to choose from, including exterior trim, bumpers, emblems and various radiator hoses.

Last but not least, the AE86 parts catalog grows with the addition of a final gear set for the differential (with a 4.3 radio), a transmission input shaft, plus one additional item that hasn’t been revealed yet. Here again, there are several AE86 parts already available from Gazoo Racing.

The aforementioned parts will be available starting on February 1, 2022, though participating Toyota dealers. Pricing hasn’t been announced. Gazoo Racing said it may add new items to its Heritage Parts catalog, so it sounds like the scope of the program will continue to expand. It notably published an online form where owners of classic Toyota models can request the parts that they’d like to see reproduced.

Nissan is helping enthusiasts keep older cars on the road as well. In 2021, it added titanium exhaust systems to the list of parts it makes for older generations of the GT-R; they’re lighter than the stock units and they reduce back pressure. If only the Italians would follow suit, too.

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