Every year, we get closer and closer to being able to travel into space commercially. As technology advances to aid that dream, there is one company in particular that’s turning heads. Astrolab is aiming to support NASA’s goal of creating livable bases on the moon and Mars with FLEX. Flexible Logistics and Exploration (FLEX) is a lunar rover that aims to help interplanetary settlers adapt to their new environment in space.

FLEX’s wheel-on-limb mobility system is meant to adapt to its environment to be used for crew transportation, cargo delivery, construction, and more. While the system is still a prototype, Astrolab claims that FLEX can handle a maximum payload of over 2,200 pounds. It can also raise and lower its chassis, maintaining better ground clearance to adapt to the terrain and focus on stability. The prototype is also equipped with specially designed airless tires for mobility in soft soil.

What do you think of permanent life on the moon and Mars? Is it something you’re excited to see in your lifetime? Let us know in the comments.

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