The CyberKat from Spyker Workshop is a remote-controlled miniature vehicle that can be modified with attachments to become the coolest snowblower you've ever seen. The vehicle is a successor to the Spyker Kat 2X, a project created to eliminate the harmful fumes created by gas snow blowers, and one that you can 3D-print yourself, if you have the equipment. The CyberKat runs on 4 standard-sized 12v 12ah SLA batteries or 3S LiPo batteries. Of course, the vehicle is also made to be able to mount the still-in-development CyberBlower, the attachment which turns the fun device into a useful snowblowing tool. The CyberBlower itself runs on dual electric motors and can throw snow 22" wide and up to 12" deep.

As of this writing, you can order a CyberKat build kit for yourself right here for $1,299-$1,499. The CyberBlower attachment is still in development, but you can pre-order one right here for an additional $499 - $639. Learn more about the product at

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