Swedish company Jetson has been working on a way to give people the experience of flying like a drone with the Jetson One electric single-seater aircraft. Jetson One is powered by a high discharge lithium-ion battery and eight electric motors. The electric aircraft can reach speeds of over 60 mph with a flight time of 20 minutes. The fastest way to fully charge the Jetson One is by using a 220V outlet; it takes only an hour to charge. Jetson One weighs just 190 pounds, with a recommended max weight of 210 pounds for the pilot. The Jetson One is equipped with lidar sensors, terrain tracking, obstacle avoidance, a ballistic parachute, hands-free hover, and more. Jetson One will cost $92,000, requiring a $22,000 down payment and the remaining $70,000 once it is ready to be delivered. That’s all before tax and destination charges. Would you strap yourself into the Jetson One and go for a spin?    

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