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When I was looking at buying a Ford Flex this past year, there was one accessory on my list that I sadly wasn’t able to find: the optional refrigerator. As a camping and road trip family, having a fridge in the car makes life a lot easier. No dealing with melting ice on 100-plus-degree summer days at the Grand Canyon, drinks are always cold, sandwich meat doesn’t go bad, the list is lengthy. While I wasn’t able to get a fridge console built-in to my vehicle, since then I have been scouring the internet for ones that I could use easily and remove them when I don’t need cooled beverages in my car, and this morning I found this screaming deal on Amazon, a normally $500 electric vehicle fridge with a $300 off coupon. That’s 60% off its original price. 

Key features

  • Fridge has a capacity of up to 40 liters and can hold about 51 12 oz cans, 48 bottles of water or 9 bottles of wine
  • Digital touchscreen allows you to to change the temperature setting as well as easily see the current temperature, even in the dark 
  • Features a 60-watt Max Mode for quick cooling as well as a 48-watt Eco Mode
  • Can cool down to -4 degrees fahrenheit in just 50 minutes
  • Can be powered by both an AC outlet or a 12-24 volt DC cigarette lighter

A removable unit like the Suparee is the way to go if your main use is camping. Not only can you use it in your vehicle, but also at home in your garage or basement if you’re like me and like to not be bothered by going upstairs during March Madness to grab a drink, or in your camper, on a boat, or at the campsite. Finally, according to Amazon, “three battery protection files (H1/H2/H3) of car fridge ensure that it can prevent car battery from being consumed and unable to startup,” so your camping trip won’t end with a call to AAA. 

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