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In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we’re re-sharing this video.

Transcript: Six-wheel drive wheelchair can take you anywhere. Two and four-wheel drive wheelchairs are old news. Hexhog is an all-terrain six-wheel drive battery-powered off-roading machine. Hexhog went through five years of testing and development on harsh terrain. It is powered by a fast-charging lithium-ion battery that charges in two hours. Hexhog has a top speed of 8.5 MPH but that can be increased with customization. The joystick is used to lower and raise the seat and operate the throttle. Hexhog’s seat provides an easy way to transfer from a wheelchair. Hexhog has an adjustable chassis for stability. The Hexhog’s body is sealed from water, mud, snow and sand.

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