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  • We got a sneak peek inside the 2021 Ford Bronco interior, revealing a large touchscreen, terrain controls behind the gear selector, and six toggle switches above the rearview mirror.
  • Those switches are intended to support things like additional exterior lighting and accessories.
  • We’ll see every bit of the new Bronco next week.

    UPDATE 7/7/20: A new photo (above) shows an even closer look at the upcoming Bronco’s interior including the center console, large touchscreen, and “Bronco” script across the dashboard.

    Ford is set to finally unveil its new Bronco off-road SUV next week, although it seems that almost every day we’re learning more about the revived off-roader. Now we can see that the interior will feature (no surprise these days) a large screen. Above it will be a row of controls and six toggle switches above the rearview mirror, as well as controls behind the gear selector.

    It’s fair to expect that the Bronco will be a serious off-roader; it has to be in order to compete with the Jeep Wrangler. We know it’ll have an off-road-focused variant, likely an FX4, with off-road tires, a lifted suspension, and flared fenders. But it’ll also need some gadgets inside the cabin to help it function well in various off-road terrain situations.

    KGP Photography

    That’s what we suspect the six toggle switches above the rearview mirror are for. Ford will offer more than 150 Bronco accessories at launch, according to Automotive News, and these upfitter switches will primarily connect to accessories such as additional exterior lighting, although they can be used for almost anything.

    As for the rotary knob behind the gear selector, that’s likely for Ford’s terrain management system. It allows drivers to switch between different terrain-based driving modes on the go. The large touchscreen, separated by two large air vents, will be powered by Ford’s latest Sync4 infotainment system. Above the screen, there’s a smaller screen with logos for the traction control, multiple differential lockers, and what could be a drive-mode indicator.

    We’ll see every bit of the new Bronco on Monday along with the smaller, crossover-based Bronco Sport (previously referred to as the “baby Bronco”). We’ll have everything you need to know about the return of the Bronco soon.

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