Team Autoblog loves pets. In fact, as soon as we saw this press release, we turned our internal Slack conversation into a virtual dog park, sharing the latest photos we've taken with our own furry friends. So when Subaru announces that it helped find homes for more than 36,000 shelter pets during its most recent Subaru Loves Pets month in October 2021, we're honor bound to report it. Good on you, Subaru of America.

This is the second year of the automaker's now-annual Subaru Loves Pets month, and in total, it has helped rehome nearly 60,000 animals. But Subaru actually has a long and successful history with shelter animals; over the years, the automaker says it "has supported the rescue and adoption of nearly 350,000 animals nationwide."

“We thank our Subaru retailers, partner shelters and all those who adopted a new pet this year for showing love to animals in need," Alan Bethke, senior vice president of marketing for Subaru of America, said in a statement.

Last year, Subaru focused specifically on what it calls "hard-to-adopt shelter dogs – including dogs with special needs, specifically senior dogs, amputees, visually and hearing-impaired dogs, and dogs with congenital disabilities and physical challenges."

To further facilitate its pet-friendly nature, Subaru says more than 600 of its retailers held in-person or virtual adoption events in October last year. In total, Subaru retailers further donated nearly $1.64 million to local animal shelters in their communities.

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