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Here’s your chance to Shelby your Shelby. Shelby American just announced Carroll Shelby Signature Edition versions of the Shelby GT500, Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT350R. They include the Shelby GT500SE, Shelby GT350SE and Shelby GT350RSE. OK, now that we’ve broken the record for most uses of the word “Shelby” in a paragraph, we’ll dial it back a notch.

We’ll kick it off with the supercharged GT500SE. Shelby takes the 760-horsepower 5.2-liter supercharged V8 and fits a new supercharger pulley that ups horsepower to “800-plus.” Shelby doesn’t provide any additional detail besides stating that it requires 93 octane fuel to make that power. A high-volume intercooler and heat exchanger are fitted to handle any excess heat, and a new vented carbon fiber hood is added, too, which weighs 30 pounds less than the factory piece. Suspension upgrades include more aggressive springs, sway bars (front and back), caster camber plates, forged aluminum wheels, extended and hardened wheel studs and a total recalibration. It comes standard with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, but you can add Pilot Sports Cup 2s. Also available optionally is a rear seat delete with harness bar, a widebody kit and painted stripes. Both the interior and exterior are sprinkled with Shelby badging and extra niceties. There will only be 100 per model year of the GT500, and all will receive their own plaque with serial numbers.

Moving on, we come to the Shelby GT350SE and R variants. Shelby provided photos of an R, but you can apply the upgrades to either Mustang. There’s no extra power on tap for the naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V8 in the GT350SE, but Shelby does add suspension. Similar to the GT500SE, the GT350SE has more aggressive springs, front and rear sway bars, forged wheels and caster camber plates. One note on the wheels: If your Mustang is already fitted with the factory carbon fiber wheels, it’s hard to see these aluminum wheels being an upgrade. 

Its appearance add ons are similar to the GT500SE, too. You get additional Carroll Shelby badging everywhere, new leather seat covers and the same plaque treatment. Shelby plans on limiting the GT350SE to 100 units from each model year going back to the 2015 launch. That means you can send your old Shelby here and have it be retroactively double Shelby-fied. 

The conversions aren’t cheap, though. A Shelby GT500SE is another $29,995 on top of the base car. Upgrading the GT350 to a GT350SE is much cheaper at $9,995. Neither of those prices include transportation to and from Shelby American in Las Vegas. We’d suggest getting in touch with the company if you want to spring for one of these limited edition upgrades.

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