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The Cadillac XT4 is in line for a pretty big update, according to these spy photos. Both the front and rear fascias are getting a do-over, but what’s really caught our attention is the interior.

One look at the interior spy shots tells you all that needs knowing. Cadillac is giving the XT4 its large, monolithic screen that stretches from the cluster to where the infotainment system would traditionally be. Plus, instead of the tri-screen setup out of the Escalade, this appears to be the single, large screen out of the Cadillac Lyriq. Scale versus the Lyriq is difficult to grasp in a photo like this, but considering that the XT4 is considerably smaller than the Lyriq, this screen could also be smaller to better fit the cabin. 

Another vital part of the interior we’ll point out is the addition of Super Cruise. If you look closely at the steering wheel, you’ll notice that it’s sporting the LED strip at the top of the wheel that all Super Cruise-equipped GM vehicles have. The eye-tracking sensor on the steering column is also visible, so take this as some pretty hard confirmation that the XT4 is getting Super Cruise in its refresh.

The rest of the visible interior looks similar to the current XT4. We can see a small strip of carbon fiber on the door itself, indicating that we’re looking at a Sport trim model here. The sporty-looking, large wheels are another tipoff that this is the Sport model.

The front fascia looks like it’s being redesigned with a new bumper, grille and lights. Same goes for the rear, and we can actually see what the new rear lights are going to look like. They keep their vertical shape, along with the segmented LED look, so the change doesn’t look dramatic, but expect it to be massaged nonetheless.

At this stage in camo, we suspect that the updated XT4 will be revealed as a 2024 model year car, so don’t expect a big debut in the near future.

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