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Ram is making a big deal about the full-electric Ram 1500 coming in 2024, as well it should. It will be a major competitor to the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevy Silverado EV, and it will have an interesting development process with input from Ram fans. An all-electric model would generally be big enough product news, but it’s getting an interesting addition: a range-extender model.

We learned this in an interview with Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. He noted that it will be a part of Ram trying to respond to customer interests and concerns, as well as offering more than expected. He didn’t go into detail about the powertrain, but it will launch alongside the electric model in 2024. It sounded as though it will be based on the electric truck, but with some sort of gasoline engine to provide power. It’s not clear if it would be a pure series hybrid a la BMW i3, or if the engine would engage the wheels to provide some propulsion.

We think there’s one big area where this powertrain makes sense: towing. While capable of towing huge amounts, electric vehicles tend to lose a drastic amount of range when towing. And especially with an underdeveloped charging network, it would make towing any distance frustrating — and a big issue, when towing is a big reason for owning a large truck. Introducing an internal combustion engine for occasional towing would mean that a Ram buyer could have a much more efficient experience, and still have full EV capability when not towing.

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