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Pixar has a knack for bringing inanimate objects to life. Starting with the studio’s first feature, Toy Story, it’s been able to create vivid, lovable characters out of everyday objects. No movie franchise flexed that muscle like Cars, a series entirely devoid of humans. In it, Pixar brought a 2002 Porsche 911 named Sally Carrera to life through animation. Now, with the help of Porsche, they’re turning the animated character into a real-life car.

porsche real life sally from cars


The two companies are teaming up to build a real, brand-new 992 Porsche 911 styled like the beloved character. The project hasn’t been finished, but Porsche’s release contains photos of what appears to be the 996 911 that Pixar modified to resemble the original Sally. The marketing car is painted to match Sally’s blue hue and has a revised bumper, with Sally’s trademark smirk for an air intake. Like in the movie, its windshield is dominated by two big green eyes with body-colored eyelids. Its wheelbase was shortened and the roof was raised to keep the proportions right.

sally carrera 992


Despite that, Porsche says that it intends for the new one-of-one 992 to be entirely street legal. It’ll take a bit of clever work from Porsche and its Exclusive program to make sure that cooling and visibility don’t get ruined, but the result should be something special. It’ll be auctioned off in celebration of Sally’s 20th birthday.



The character, Pixar says, was defined by wanting to help. In service of that, the proceeds of the auction will go to two charities. The first, Girls Inc., helps with. mentorship and education for young women in America. The second, USA for UNHCR, is part of the United Nations’ Refugee program and is working to help resettle refugees of the current war in Ukraine.

The buyer will also get a special one-of-one watch by Porsche Design. More details, including the location and timing of the auction, held by RM Sotheby’s, will be released later in the year.

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