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We know that our colleagues at Road & Track are just like us: it’s ingrained in us to love and appreciate cars and everything they have to offer, and that only gets better when we can share and pass along the enjoyment to others. We’d like to think it’s in that spirit that the people at R&T have just announced that they’re offering a way to introduce kids to cars with the R&T Crew.


Road & Track

It’s a subscription-based club in which, every other month, members will receive a special-edition magazine written for kids and a box filled with things to do, use, and wear, all of which should help build the next generation of enthusiasts.

The boxes are intended for kids aged six to 13, and the kids’ magazine, according to R&T editor-in-chief Travis Okulski, will have games, interviews, and “kid-friendly car stuff.” The cost of a subscription is $40 per box. For a $15 savings, subscribers can pay $225 for the full year.

Or, it’s possible to subscribe just to the (bimonthly) kids’ magazine for $25 per year. Are we wrong to think that it’d be worth subscribing just to get our hands on that magazine? But then, we’re partial to car magazines around here.

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