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We often talk about leaks in the car world, as spy photographers catch new models testing in remote locations. Video game leaks are just as common, and though they rarely cross paths, the two industries sometimes collide. Lego, beloved by gearheads for its impressive Technic cars, is working on a new highly-leaked driving game. In response to leaked screenshots hitting Reddit, the company is finally pulling back the curtain on “Lego 2K Drive.”

Hypebeast found the screenshots on Reddit, where the poster claimed the game would feature player-versus-player (PvP) action with a “Mario Kart-like” spin. “Lego 2K Drive” will have battles and power-ups, and players will likely have the option to build their own drivers like Lego’s Minifigures.

The company working with Lego on development, 2K, has already confirmed the game, but Lego tweeted an official teaser that managed to confirm it without really confirming it. The animated short follows a Lego news broadcast for a game announcement and trailer, but the news video cuts just before the action starts. Explaining the technical difficulties, the “anchor” blamed the producer and said the reveal wouldn’t be released until March 23.

Lego’s reach into the video game world goes deep, with 85 games since 1995. Racing games have been a part of the universe for almost as long. “Lego Racers” debuted in 1999 with power-ups and cartoonish driving physics. It didn’t take long to see “Lego Stunt Rally,” “Lego Racers 2,” and many others.

If you’re excited about Lego racing action, tune in to the reveal for more information. Neither the company nor its game developer partner has given any hints on a release date, so you’ll have to stay tuned for that information.

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