Nissan and Infiniti have revealed some significant electric car plans for the U.S. Both brands will introduce new electric models, and they'll both be built at Nissan's factory in Canton, Miss. The factory currently builds the Altima, Frontier and Titan models, but Nissan will be investing $500 million to upgrade the factory and train employees for EV production.

Infiniti EV teaser

The two brands also teased their new models. Nissan was more coy, showing just an obscured front 3/4 shot. It clearly takes inspiration from the Nissan Ariya, though, based on the smooth nose and the headlight design. Infiniti didn't show much in its teaser image, but a video teaser showed that it will in fact be a sedan. It's a surprising decision considering the unceasing popularity of SUVs. The car looks as curvy as any Infiniti, and it has waterfall lighting slats across the front.

Production for these models won't begin until 2025, so it may be awhile before we actually get to see how they look. In fact, we might not see them until late 2023 or 2024. These two models are part of Nissan's plans to introduce 23 electrified models by 2030, with 15 of them being fully electric.

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