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Here’s our first look at the next-gen Hyundai Tucson in some fairly revealing teaser photos. It’s set to make its official debut on September 14, but we’re afforded a sneak peek at the compact crossover today.

Undoubtedly, the most striking aspect of the Tucson is its lighting. Hyundai calls the lighting “Parametric Hidden Lights.” The hidden part of it are the daytime-running lights in the grille. When the lights are off, you’d have no idea that they’re actual lights, as they blend in seamlessly with the grille. When the lights are on, they’re bold, unique and quite striking. The grille’s general design reminds us of the new Elantra, but the lights take it another step further.

Hyundai says the new Tucson is bigger and wider than the previous model, and it’ll also be offered in different wheelbases depending on the market. Specific U.S. market information wasn’t included in Hyundai’s news briefing. The rear design is similarly striking with its tech-forward LED lights. It features a full-width taillight design and a contrasting rear pillar color. Hyundai is definitely aiming for the shock and awe factor with this design, and we’re already a bit taken aback. However, it’s one good way to stand out in a totally saturated compact crossover space.

The last element we’ll note with this teaser is the single interior shot. It looks like a concept, but we imagine this design hints at what the production model will resemble. We can see large, horizontal screens, haptic touch buttons, and a push-button shifter design. The look is far more upscale and minimalistic than the current Tucson, and we like what we’re seeing.

If details about the powertrains and platform are what you’re after, you’ll need to wait a couple weeks for the proper reveal. We’ll have all the Tucson info come the evening of September 14. A quick teaser video (below) gives you one more look at the car.

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