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  • Tesla has added new Long Range Plus versions of the Model S and Model X with longer driving ranges.
  • The Model S Long Range Plus claims 390 miles of range and the Model X claims 351 miles of range.
  • These models serve as the base variants, starting at $81,190 and $86,190 for the Model X.

    Tesla’s Elon Musk has claimed that his company will soon sell an EV with 400 miles of range, and he’s getting closer than ever. A new Tesla Model S Long Range Plus variant has a claimed driving range of 390 miles, according to the Tesla website. There is also a Long Range Plus version of the Model X SUV, which is rated at 351 miles of range. Neither of these models are listed on the EPA website, yet, so these new range numbers are Tesla estimates.

    Tesla has not provided any details on how it added the additional range, and the only change we can see on the Model S is a new set of 19-inch standard wheels with a so-called Tempest design. We do know that there is some sort of software tweak involved, as Musk tweeted that the company will roll out a software update for existing Model S and Model X owners to unlock extra range. We assume that only Model S and Model X Long Range cars built in the last few months will be eligible for this update.

    The Long Range Plus models now serve as the base configuration for both the Model S and Model X. They start at $81,190 for the Model S and $86,190 for the Model X, and they replace the previous base models—called Long Range—that were EPA-rated at 370 miles for the Model S and 328 miles for the Model X. In our testing, a Model S Long Range achieved an estimated 222 miles of range in our 75-mph highway test.

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