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Of the many “Batman” movies, director Tim Burton’s adaptation had much to recommend it, including Michael Keaton’s brooding, understated Batman, and Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Also on that list is the Batmobile, perhaps the most recognizable iteration of the caped crusader’s ride, outside of the George Barris-created original. Now the Burton Batmobile is a new Lego set, arriving in stores later this month.

The 1989 Batmobile (as the set is called) is positively massive: some two feet long and consisting of 3,306 pieces. Budget plenty of time, as the instruction book runs some 435 pages. The end result, however, is a model that is technically detailed, with a canopy that slides forward to reveal the cockpit, pop-up machine guns, and steerable front wheels.

Lego’s 1989 Batmobile set goes on sale Nov. 29, priced at $250.

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