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The 2002 game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 was the most formative game of my childhood. It introduced me to the McLaren F1, got me excited about off-track driving, and showed me that the fastest car isn’t always the most fun. The Hot Pursuit reboot in 2010 hit those same notes; it was easily my favorite NFS game since 2006’s Most Wanted. Now that game is being remastered for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

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The updated version of the 2010 game will feature better graphics with 4K support and maximum 60fps frame rates on top-tier consoles and PCs. It still features the same beat-the-cops action and drama of the original, along with the Autolog social competition features that defined Hot Pursuit‘s online modes. You get access to the supercars and insane police interceptors that were there in 2010, along with every DLC car and race. And in a nod to the series’ renewed focus on customization, a new custom car wrapping option will be added after launch.

It’ll also be better for social gaming, too, as you won’t be limited to racing against friends who have the same console. Hot Pursuit Remastered is crossplay, meaning you can race against friends on any platform. It launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 6 and Switch on November 13. It’ll be $39.99 on console and $29.99 on PC, available via Steam and EA’s Origin.

This game may also signal the future direction of the series. While 2011-2019 era of Need For Speed games were often controversial and developed by Ghost Games, future installments will be developed by Criterion. That studio not only made the burnout games, but also the well-received 2010 Hot Pursuit and this upcoming remaster. If Hot Pursuit is any indication, the franchise is in good hands.

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