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The city-friendly sixth-generation Mitsubishi Mirage has reached the end of its career on the Japanese market. The company’s consumer website notes that production has ended, and the news fuels speculation that the hatchback will soon retire from the American market.

“Due to the end of production of the Mirage, we may not be able to meet the customer’s request for body color, options, etc. Please contact our sales staff for details,” the message reads. Interestingly, the end of production isn’t announced on Mitsubishi’s American website.

While the Mirage is overshadowed by Mitsubishi’s crossovers and SUVs in the United States, a market that has traditionally been unkind to small hatchbacks, it’s relatively popular in several Asian markets and nothing suggests slow sales caused its demise. The current-generation model received a new-look exterior design and additional tech features for 2021, but it entered production in April 2012 as a hatchback and in June 2013 as a sedan so it’s fairly old in car years — it sounds like the Mirage has simply reached the end of its natural life cycle.

It’s too early to tell what’s next; our spies haven’t spotted a new Mirage testing yet. We know that in some markets Mitsubishi will soon revive the heritage-laced Colt nameplate on a hatchback related to the Renault Clio, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Mirage lives on in one form or another. The Clio stretches about eight inches longer and five inches wider than the Mirage so the Colt won’t land as a direct replacement.

Similarly, what this means for the Mirage’s career in the United States is unclear at this point.

“The Mirage remains an integral part of our U.S. line-up at this time,” a company spokesperson told Autoblog.

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