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We have some serious nostalgia news for car-loving millennials: Micro Machines are now on sale again! Hasbro and collaborating company Jazwares announced the return of the tiny toy cars last year, and they’re now available at Target and Walmart in packs of cars and even playsets.

There’s quite a bit about the revived toy line that will be familiar to those who grew up with them. Unlike the short-lived revival in the mid-2000s, these are packaged similarly to the classics, with packs of cars lined up like they’re in a tiny plastic showroom bubble. The size remains the same, roughly 1.5 inches long, and the fan-favorite unfolding Super Van City returns. The overlanding-style van unfolds to reveal multiple different areas to drive your little cars, including a dragstrip, just like the original. There are other unfolding playsets, too, such as a car wash and construction site.

There are some differences, too. The most significant is that none of the cars are actually licensed replicas. Speaking personally, this is quite disappointing, since one of the coolest things about the original series was having tiny versions of real cars. The cars on offer were diverse, too, from Miatas to Tuckers. Hopefully this changes in the future. There are pleasant changes, too, though. Packs of five cars come with little backdrop buildings to display with the cars. There are smaller fold-out playsets as well such as a car wash and construction site. Cars are available as singles, though in blind packaging so the car you get is random, or in themed packs of three or five.

A single car starts at $1.99. The packs of three cost $4.99 and the five-packs run $9.99. The small playsets are $14.99, and the Super Van City is $49.99.

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