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The Mercedes-Benz EQT gets its soft launch today, and alongside the standard electric model is a sweet camper van that Mercedes is calling the Concept EQT Marco Polo1. It’s said to be extremely close to what Mercedes will be offering in series production, and a van named Marco Polo is undeniably endearing.

Unfortunately, all of this vanlife content will be staying in Europe for the time being, but we can still look and yearn. The Marco Polo1 uses all the vitals found under the regular Mercedes-Benz EQT. This little electric van makes do with a single electric motor good for 122 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque. A relatively small 45 kWh battery pack is located in the underbody, but Mercedes doesn’t provide any range estimates. Expect it to be on the low side, though, especially if you’re carrying a lot of the weight associated with a camper van. Peak charging speed is 80 kW via a DC fast charger, and Mercedes says the van can go from a 10-80% charge in 38 minutes.

As for the Marco Polo elements you may be drooling over in the photos, Mercedes has plenty of details to share. A pop-up roof raises the height enough that an average-sized human can stand up straight in the van. The roof bed sleeping area has enough room for two adults, and you can open the tent with zippers to allow fresh air in from the top.

On ground level in the rear, Mercedes implements a second sleeping area (can fold up out of the way) that’ll sleep another couple people. A black-out system for the rear windows can be activated at the touch of a button for sleeping. Behind the driver’s seat, the Marco Polo has both a recessed sink and a recessed 0.6 cubic-foot refrigerator. Other living niceties include an induction stove top that pulls out of a drawer, removable gas cooker and an electrically adjustable fold-out table. The whole interior is rather modular, as you can fold out benches and tables — scroll through the gallery to see the various configurations — to fit your needs. It’s all finished in luxurious materials fit for a Mercedes, too. If you’d rather be outside, Mercedes equips the Marco Polo1 with an extendable sun awning. Assuming you know what you’re doing, Mercedes says all of the furniture can be removed from the Marco Polo1 in five minutes with two people pitching in for the work — it’s designed to be versatile and easy to do.

As for power, Mercedes says the Marco Polo1 is fitted with a solar panel on the pop-up roof to provide power in the wilderness. Additionally, a large removable battery unit that slides into a drawer can provide power at a campsite. Plus, the EQT is littered with electric outlets all around to keep your devices and tools powered up.

Mercedes says the Marco Polo1’s equipment setup is a “near-production concept,” so you should expect to be able to buy a similar van one day. Pricing is still a question, but the base EQT is going to start at €49,000.

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