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In the midst of crummy news seemingly everywhere, we have one that’s thoroughly heartwarming. A Hyundai dealer in Brazil has gained worldwide fame after adopting a stray dog and bringing him into the dealership as a “car consultant” to spend time with the sales staff and customers.

According to Brazilian news outlet A Gazeta, the manager of Prime Hyundai, Emerson Mariano, found the dog a couple of months ago. Another Brazilian news agency, ES360, reports that the manager started giving him food, water and shelter, and as the dog stuck around, he and the staff became fond of him. That led to the manager adopting him permanently, and he named him Tucson after Hyundai’s small crossover. Tucson is apparently about a year old, and he has been taken to the vet for all his necessary shots.

Since becoming part of the Prime Hyundai family, he has received a variety of dapper accessories including ties and a piece of a tuxedo, along with his own employee badge. He spends the day at the dealership, where the employees recently put together his very own doghouse. He has an Instagram account that has over 124,000 followers, but more important, it also has photos of him at the dealership. A Gazeta also noted that he will be featured in some advertising. Mariano also told ES360 that he was happy to give Tucson a home, since he has noticed a lot of pets becoming homeless in the wake of the pandemic. We’re happy Tucson found a home, too, one that seems to love him quite a bit.

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