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Two years ago, Maserati introduced its first high-performance Trofeo trim level to the 2019 Levante crossover. With its 590-horsepower twin-turbo V8, it became the most powerful Maserati in the lineup. It seems it will have company soon, as Maserati teased on Twitter the addition of Ghibli and Quattroporte Trofeo sedans.

Besides announcing the new models, the company released a single teaser image and a reveal date. We can infer some things based on the existing Levante Trofeo, though. The Quattroporte Trofeo will undoubtedly get the same 590-horsepower V8, since it already has a low-output 523-horsepower version of the engine. The Ghibli could possibly get the V8, too, since it shares its basic underpinnings with the other two cars. Having a 590-horsepower compact sports sedan would be quite the feather in Maserati’s cap, since it would outgun everything else in the segment. That being said, even lower-output versions of the V8 in the Ghibli would be exciting.

These Trofeo models will also let the world know they’re the fastest versions of their respective nameplates. The Levante Trofeo features the most aggressive bodywork of any Levante, and that will surely translate to the sedans. Hopefully Maserati will also see fit to provide the Trofeo sedans with upgraded suspension and brakes to handle the extra power.

We should have most of the details soon. The reveal date for these high-speed Maseratis is August 10.

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