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Lincoln treated truck fans to a top driving experience with the release of its Lincoln Mark LT truck. It embodied Lincoln’s luxury ethos while delivering all the functionality truck drivers expect. Discover what made the Lincoln Mark LT truck such an important automobile.

What Is The Lincoln Mark LT Truck?

The Lincoln Mark LT is Lincoln’s luxury pickup truck. The original 2006 model hit the market in January 2005.

The Mark LT succeeded Lincoln’s only other pick-up, the under-performing 2002 Blackwood. Keen to improve on past failures, Lincoln’s Mark LT was essentially a rebranded Ford F-150 with luxury trim, according to AutoTrader. The Mark LT was even built on Ford plants in Dearborn, Michigan, and Cuautitlán, Mexico, the same lines as the Ford F-150.

The Mark LT and Ford F-150 share an identical V8 engine. They are also both four-door trucks with optional all-wheel drive. Both trucks provide a comfortable and quiet ride, despite the burbling V8 under the hood. They also handle well, although their braking could be better.

Lincoln aimed to sell 13,000 Mark LTs each production year in the United States. While the Mark LT was more successful than the Blackwood on its debut, sales of 10,274 in its first year fell short. It outsold the Cadillac Escalade EXT in 2006, but by 2007 the Cadillac outsold the Lincoln, according to figures from Ford and General Motors. Despite disappointing sales, the Mark LT was a critical success. J.D. Power Quality gave it at least four stars for all three years of manufacture. The guide praised its dependability, noting it was “among the best” in its segment.

How Did Lincoln Improve the Mark LT in the First Generation?

Lincoln improved many of the Mark LT’s features in 2007 and 2008. The 2007’s improvements included:

  • A redesigned grille
  • A DVD-based navigation system (optional)
  • Other luxury and cosmetic inclusions

    The 2008 model also received new and improved features, including:

    • A new Light French Silk clearcoat metallic color option
    • A rear-view camera back-up system (optional)

      When Did Ford Stop Selling the Lincoln Mark LT Truck?

      Slow sales saw Ford stop selling the Lincoln Mark LT in North America after the release of the 2008 model truck, according to Edmund’s Inside Line. It replaced the pick-up with a high-end Platinum trim version of the Ford F-150 in 2009.

      But the Mark LT was the maker’s most successful pick-up in Mexico. Consequently, Lincoln released a 2010 Mark LT south of the border, according to Ford decided to scrap the pick-up when it released the 2015 F-Series. The 2014 Lincoln Mark LT was the last ever made.

      What Was the Next Generation Lincoln Mark LT Like?

      The next generation Lincoln Mark LT, made for the Mexican market, had the following features.

      • The same trim as the Ford F-150 Platinum
      • A split grille, like the MKS and MKT
      • Two styles: the base model 2WD short-bed built in Dearborn and the 4WD long-bed built in Cuautitlán

        How Many Mark LT Trucks Did Lincoln Sell in the United States?

        Lincoln’s Mark LT sales peaked in 2006, the second year of manufacture, then fell steadily until the truck’s axing. Here are the Lincoln Mark LT’s exact American sales figures for every year:

          What Are the Body and Chassis Specifications of the Lincoln Mark LT?

          The Lincoln Mark LT is a full-size luxury crew cab pick-up truck. It has a four-door style and Ford P2 platform. It has a front-engine, rear-wheel drive/four-wheel drive layout.

          What are the Lincoln Mark LT’s Powertrain Specifications?

          According to, throughout its production run, a Triton 300-hp 5.4-liter (330 CID) V-8 engine powered the Lincoln Mark LT. It gets 365 at 3750 lb-ft of torque. The pick-up had a 4-speed automatic transition from 2005 to 2008. The second generation, from 2010 to 2014, had a 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.

          What Are the Lincoln Mark LT’s dimensions?

          The Lincoln Mark LT is a beefy pick-up with impressive dimensions and hefty wheels. Take a closer look at the measurements of the short-bed truck.

          • Wheelbase: 139 in (3,531 mm)
          • Length: 223.8 in (5,685 mm)
          • Width: 78.9 in (2,004 mm)
          • Ground clearance: 8.1 in

            The long-bed Mark LT has the following dimensions:

            • Wheelbase: 151 in (3,835 mm)
            • Length: 225.8 in (5,989 mm)
            • Width: 78.9 in (2,004 mm)
            • Ground clearance: 8.1 in

              The base model 2WD version stands at 73.5 in, or 1,867 mm, tall. The 4WD has a height of 76 in, or 1,930 mm.

              The Lincoln Mark LT also seats 5. The driver and front passenger enjoy 40.1 in of headroom and 41.3 in of legroom. Rear passengers have 39.6 in of headroom, 65.8 in of shoulder room, and 39 in of legroom.

              How Fuel-Efficient Is the Lincoln Mark LT Truck?

              The Lincoln Mark LT gets approximately 14 miles per gallon, per This is the EPA-estimated combined mileage rating. This score considers the truck’s performance in the city and the highway.

              If you stick to city driving, the EPA estimates you’ll get 12 MPG. However, if you tend to drive on the open road you’ll get around 16 MPG. The Lincoln Mark LT also runs on regular unleaded fuel.

              How Much Can the Lincoln Mark LT Carry?

              The Lincoln Mark LT is classified as a half-ton truck. It has a gross vehicle weight rating of 7050 pounds and a curb weight of 5316 pounds.

              What Is the Starting Price of a Lincoln Mark LT Truck?

              The price you’ll pay for a Lincoln Mark LT truck depends on its age, mileage, and condition. Prices typically range from $1,918 on the low end to $21,498 on the high end. The new car fair market price is $12,304, explains MotorTrend. On its release, the Lincoln Mark LT truck had a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $38,615. The average retail price of Lincoln Mark LT trucks sold in America today, according to Consumer Reports, is:

              • $6,250 – $7,325 (2006 model)
              • $7,600 – $8,650 (2007 model)
              • $9,200 – $10,800 (2008 model)

                What Is the Trade-In Price of a Lincoln Mark LT Truck?

                The price you’ll receive trading in your Lincoln Mark LT also depends on its age, mileage, and condition. However, the average trade-in prices for models sold in America are:

                • $3,445 – $4,445 (2006 model)
                • $4,695 – $5,700 (2007 model)
                • $6,200 – $7,695 (2008 model)













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