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  • Lego Ideas is a platform where fans can submit new models in the hope that it will some day be sold as an official company set.
  • As the first Tesla Cybertruck on the site, this model by BrickinNick got its first 1000 votes in just three days.
  • Reaching 10,000 does not mean Lego will automatically release the Cybertruck, but its chances are higher now.

    Tesla’s Cybertruck may be controversial, but at least 10,000 Lego fans agree that there should be a buildable version made out of plastic bricks. That’s the vote threshold that a fan-made concept model has reached on Lego Ideas, the company’s official channel through which anyone can submit proposals that, perhaps, could someday be turned into actual Lego sets.



    While reaching 10,000 votes is not a guarantee that the model will ever be produced and sold, it does mean that Lego employees will now take a closer look at the submission and decide internally if the company will produce and sell it.

    The model itself is the work of a well-known Lego builder who calls himself BrickinNick. He currently has another Lego Ideas project in the works featuring Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. That one has received 1700 votes of support since going live last June. Compare that rate of attention with the Cybertruck, which got its first 1000 supporters in just three days.

    “The Cybertruck reveal generated a crazy amount of hype and discussion, and having the project built and posted within just a week and a half of the reveal helped a bunch,” he told Car and Driver.

    BrickinNick said he’s long been a fan of Tesla and cyberpunk aesthetics, and built and rebuilt his original Cybertruck model over the course of a 24-hour live stream on his Twitch channel. The area around the headlights went through almost 10 iterations before he was satisfied with the design, he said.

    “Funnily enough, there had actually been several moments where I had wanted to give up on the build entirely due to its difficulty,” he said. “Unlike metal, you can’t bend Lego into any angle you like, and figuring out the right combination of pieces and build techniques to match the shaping of the Cybertruck proved to be incredibly challenging.”

    There are other Cybertruck proposals percolating on Lego Ideas, but BrickinNick said he thinks that being first was only one reason his model garnered so much attention.

    “The scale of my build, which is larger than any other project on the platform, allowed me to better capture the shaping, details, and features of the Cybertruck,” he said.

    As his model rose in popularity, BrickinNick added clever bonus features to his idea, like minifigures of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and designer Franz von Holzhausen, who is holding both a sledgehammer and a metal ball. BrickinNick also built a small version of Tesla’s CyberQuad ATV.

    Whether the Ideas Cybertruck is ever released as an official set or not, the good news for those of you with a pile of Legos at home is that Nick has released a video showing how to build a miniature version of the Cybertruck.

    Or, if you like paying close attention, you can try to follow along with the original time-lapse video of him building his model. That should take less time than waiting for an actual Cybertruck.

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