On January 1 this year, Koenigsegg teased a new vehicle on Instagram with the caption, "Dear 2022, here's our New Year's resolution - More ultimate performance through clever engineering and optimal design." The company broke its ensuing silence Thursday night by teasing a live debut to begin at 12 p.m. Eastern / 9 a.m. Pacific in Pebble Beach. The teaser image boasts a silhouette that looks like the CC8, the Swedish manufacturer's first car, with the addition of a roof scoop. Beyond that, we have nothing more than gathered speculation as to what it could be.

There's the entry-level Koenigsegg that founder Christian von Koenigsegg has said for a while that he wanted to release. There's the CC12 project with Swiss retailer and supercar garage Carage, which appears based on the CC8S production prototype and would satisfy the note about "ultimate performance and clever engineering," but the timing is off; in April, Carage owner Kim Struve said the CC12 would "be released in a year's time." The Supercar Blog has heard this new thing could be Christian's 50th birthday gift to himself, called the Annira or the CC850S, packing more than 1,300 horsepower into a 1,300-pound curb weight and fitted with a "magic transmission." Some surmise it's Koenigsegg finally reckoning with a battery-electric vehicle, but we think that's the longest shot of all. He told CarBuzz two years ago, "It actually would be much easier for us to just do a pure electric car, because we could throw away complexity but add weight. But I'd rather have complexity in the super expensive sports car than add weight."  

That seems to us to be enough guessing for today. The only other rumors we've heard that we would believe true are that there will be a tiny production run and every unit is already sold out. We have but a few hours to find out what's really happening. Based on the company's products since, oh, ever, it will probably be special.

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