Now that Hyundai has shown its E-GMP electric car with the creased Ioniq 5, it’s Kia’s turn to show what it can do. The first of its E-GMP cars is called the EV6, and we’re getting our first clear glimpse of it with these teaser images. From what we can see, it looks drastically different from the Hyundai.

Whereas the Hyundai is hard-edged with a relatively conventional hatchback shape, the Kia is curvy and features an aggressive fastback roofline. The fenders are exaggerated, particularly the pumped-out rear ones. The lighting is similarly organic with stylized LED running light elements. The taillights even extend down into the rear fenders. The turn signals are sequential, and mirror the arcing shape of the taillights. And, unlike the Ioniq 5, there doesn’t appear to be a retro bone in the Kia’s body.

The dramatic body of the EV6 will be draped over the E-GMP electric car platform from the Ioniq 5. That means it will probably be offered with the same options of either a single, 215-horsepower rear motor and rear-wheel drive or dual motors making 302 horsepower and powering all four wheels. It will support ultra-fast 800-volt charging and the ability to power appliances off the car battery, and it will likely have battery capacities of either 58 kWh or 77.4.

With the reveal coming on March 15, we only have to wait a week to see this new Kia. Most of the specifications should be revealed then, along with full photos of the exterior and interior.

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