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Hoonigan announced today it’s launching season two of Hoonicorn vs. the World, a web series on YouTube where Ken Block drag-races an assortment of ridiculous and cool vehicles on a runway using his 1400-hp Gymkhana Mustang. For season two, there’s a major twist: Instead of Block driving the Hoonicorn, it’ll be his 14-year-old daughter, Lia, behind the wheel.

Despite her age, Lia Block is no stranger to driving Ken’s Gymkhana cars. Last year she learned how to drift while behind the wheel of Ken’s 1978 Mk 2 Ford Escort. Now, she’ll be racing against cars such as a Tesla Model S Plaid and one of the world’s fastest Nissan GT-Rs, using the heavily modified ’65 Ford Mustang that originally appeared in Gymkhana 7. The first episode, above, has Lia going up against a 4000-hp Pro Stock Corvette, driven by NHRA driver Alex Laughlin.

A number of modifications have been made to the Hoonicorn for season two, including additional bars added to the roll cage and a new halo bucket seat for more driver protection. Paddle shifters and a new set of wheels have also been installed. The car is now wearing an all-new livery from Death Spray Custom that’s meant as a tribute to the original design first launched with the car in 2014.

“With the excitement from the fans on Hoonicorn vs. the World season one, we knew it had to come back,” Ken Block said in a statement. “I hadn’t planned to race the Hoonicorn again since my contract with Ford expired at the end of 2020, but at the same time Lia was taking a very serious interest in racing—so, the stars just aligned to make this opportunity happen. So, we got to keep a Block in the Hoonicorn, just a different Block!”

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