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Looking for a way to keep your canine comfortable in the car? Grab a high-quality dog car seat for extra cushioning and an enjoyable ride. We love our dogs, and we’ll do practically anything for them. Dogs can be great companions, and they love to go on trips– especially in the car. Many people are so attached to their canine friends that they become the ultimate travel partner.

Just like you, your dog also wants to be comfortable while riding in the car. This is where dog car seats come in– designed for comfort and sustainability, these seats let you transport your canine friend with ease from one place to another. We’ve reviewed some excellent dog car seats available that can provide durability and comfort at the same time, and also included a buying guide to help you find the perfect car seat for Fido.

Top dog car seats of 2022 reviewed in detail 

K&H Dog Car Seat: Our pick

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This K&H dog car seat is a booster seat that elevates your furry friend for a better view in the car. It’s compatible with any vehicle with a seat belt, ensuring safe and efficient use. This dog car seat also comes with two adjustable security tethers that can be attached to your dog’s harness so that they feel safe and protected. This dog car seat is quick to install and uninstall, making it very convenient to use. It has a removable plush-quilted fleece cover that’s also washable to make sure your pup stays comfortable and the seat stays clean. The back of this dog car seat is contoured to provide a great fit for your dog in any car, as well as to keep the seat in place. We chose it as our top pick because of its high levels of comfort and durability.


  • Provides a high level of protection
  • Can be used in almost any car
  • Easy to maintain 


  • Not designed for larger dogs

Marslabo Dog Car Seat: Another great option

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The Marslabo dog car seat is made from an internal collapsible metal frame that gives your furry friend an unobstructed view of the road from an elevated position. It features an adjustable leash that can be clipped from the booster to their collar for extra safety, and this dog car seat also comes with one adjustable strap that fits around the back of the seat so there’s no car sickness or travel anxiety for your furry friend. This dog car seat measures 16 x 13 x 9 inches, and it provides adequate space for small dogs up to 25 pounds. It also features a removable soft plush liner and double-sided pad, allowing for an easy machine wash to keep things fresh for your dog.


  • Keeps dog in one secure position 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Can help eliminate canine anxiety and stress


  • A bit restrictive for larger breeds

Fareyy Car Seat: High quality

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This Fareyy dog car seat is filled with polypropylene cotton, a warm and durable material that provides a delicate fluff for your pup. It uses a sturdy strap and adjustable nylon belt with a buckle to let you maintain optimum pet safety, and it also has two straps that secure the dog in place, potentially reducing their stress and anxiety. This dog car seat is suitable for buckle-type seats, providing you with a high-quality and versatile product. It’s also machine washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh when needed. This dog car seat has two pockets on the side that you can use to hold dog toys or anything else, and this seat is great for small dogs, giving your pup plenty of space to relax and enjoy the view.


  • Made from soft, durable material 
  • Non-slip bottom for secure grip 
  • Perfect for small dogs 


  • Might be too large for some cars

K&H Dog Car Seat: Another option

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Here’s another dog car seat from K&H, and this one is designed to provide a safe and secure location for your pet, letting them hop in the car and stay in place without causing a nuisance. This dog car seat comes with front and back loops that go around headrests and can attach perfectly to any car seatbelt, letting your furry guest remain safe and balanced throughout the ride, and it also features a foldable body that provides quick installation and easy storage. This seat is great for small and medium-sized dogs, and it can let them sit comfortably without you having to worry about weight concerns. This dog car seat also includes a buckle that you can fasten to a seat belt to protect your pup from losing its balance when the car’s in motion.


  • Keeps dog secure
  • No weight limit
  • Helps dog maintain balance during use 


  • Not designed for two-door cars

BurgeonNest Dog Car Seat: Comfort pick

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This BurgeonNest dog car seat is made from sturdy Oxford fabric, with double stitches and a thick coating to ensure longevity and durability. It’s equipped with built-in sliding zippers and separate stuffing so that you can clean it easily, and this dog car seat is made from a soft, comfortable material that provides extra comfort for your pet’s joints. This dog car seat also has an adjustable buckle design that can be easily installed– and removed– when needed. This dog car seat has two storage pockets and two-sided cushions on both sides, allowing for convenient storage of pet necessities and a super cozy canine car ride.


  • Extra storage space included
  • Does not put additional pressure on joints 
  • Easy installation method 


  • The thick fabric might retain fur and dander

Buying guide: Dog car seats 

To make a successful purchase, you need to have relevant knowledge about what it is you’re looking to buy. With our buying guide, buying a great dog car seat just got a whole lot easier. 

Things to keep in mind when buying a dog car seat 

Here are some things you should keep in mind while looking for a dog car seat: 


Like a toddler seat, a dog car seat is pretty simple and easy to install. Go for something with one or two buckles that only takes a few minutes to set up before you can get going. Not only do car seats like this save time, but they can also help avoid frustration. Although many people like to spend money on things that come decked out with features, buying an overly complicated dog car seat might be a waste of your valuable time and resources.


Another factor to remember is the durability of your dog’s car seat. Choose a material that’s easy to wash and maintain, and won’t discolor over time. There are plenty of cheap options out there, be beware– these won’t last long. The durability of your dog’s car seat will prevent it from wobbling or dislodging, and polypropylene, polyester, metal, and foam are the most popular materials used to make these car seats. 

Safety features 

Dogs are known to jump around in the car, and this can be destructive as well as dangerous. With the proper safety features, you can secure the seat in one place. Most seats come with dual buckles that can be adjusted with seat belts, and some models also come with separate harnesses that act as safe, comfortable restrainers instead of chokers. 


One of the most essential factors is comfort. Although pups like to go on long drives, you need to make sure the ride is smooth, comfortable, and safe. Get your pup a dog car seat with extra padding that won’t strain their little joints. Some dog car seats are also available with a headrest to give your canine the extra support they need. 

Dog car seat safety features

You’ll need to have a proper setup to make sure your pet stays in one place. Out of all animals, dogs are probably the most hyper and like to show their excitement by hopping around, and this is especially true for puppies. We love our dogs, but this can be pretty annoying and distracting when you’re trying to pay attention to the road. This is why you should go with a car seat that fulfills your protection and safety requirements. 

There are two main safety features you need to pay attention to — attachment and duration of restraint. 

Attaching the dog car seat 

The dog car seat should be attached securely to create a barrier against falls. There are usually safety instructions in the manual, and you’ll have to go through the basic security steps to keep your pet safe. Make sure that the seat provides a solid attachment to your car seats– it should be large enough to fit in the front or back of the car. Most dog car booster seats let you attach them with the seatbelt for a secure connection, and this added layer of security can be helpful, especially for canines that suffer from travel anxiety. There’s also an option to attach a harness so that the dog feels even safer. The seat should be connected with all the leashes that come with it to obtain maximum security throughout the journey. 

Duration of restraint 

Dogs are active and like to jump around– we don’t need to tell you that, especially if you have a dog. This is why most owners want to secure their canines in a booster seat. Your furry friend might start to feel bored, exhausted, and ready to move around on long journeys, so it’s a good idea to grab a dog car seat that provides extra room for your pet, just in case they want to move around a little.

Cleaning and maintaining dog car seats

Dogs can leave fur and dander wherever they sit, and professionals recommend regularly cleaning and maintaining dog car seats so that they’re fresh for regular use. If the seat does not have a removable cover, vacuum the solid bits from its surface as a basic clean-up. After this, use a sponge dipped in soapy water to scrub and remove any stains. Pass it through water or get rid of the soap by wiping it with a wet cloth. 

Another way is to use a quick fabric cleaner. In some cases, dog car seats come with removable covers. They can be washed easily in a machine without any issues, and these models are relatively easier to maintain and keep up with. Simply vacuum any excess fur, put it in the washer, and let the material air dry. Some versions can also be dry cleaned if instructed, but you should check the instructions before doing this.

Avoid putting a dog car seat under direct sunlight for long hours, as this might cause discoloration. If there are metal components in the seat, we recommend regularly oiling them so that you can prevent the metal from rusting. 

Foldable vs. non-foldable dog car seats 

Dog car seats can either be foldable or non-foldable. What you choose depends on personal preference and travel style. 

Foldable dog car seats

Foldable dog car seats are designed for people who like to travel a lot with their canines. Since your dog is in the car with you, they also need space to stretch out and relax– a foldable car seat gives them some extra room when needed. Foldable dog car seats can be adjusted to fit in a small space, and they’re versatile and can be adjusted for dogs of multiple sizes– in fact, most people who work with animals prefer foldable dog car seats over non-foldable ones. You might need to take a little extra care and caution when it comes to these seats, so keep that in mind.

Non-foldable dog car seats 

These seats come in a static design that cannot be altered. They’re relatively simple to use and can be adjusted to any seat. If you like to go on short trips, these seats can provide an enjoyable and comfortable setup for your pet. If you’re going for a non-foldable seat, always opt for one that’s twice the size of your pet, as this gives them room to sit down and relax– because of this, you might need more storage space to keep them safe.

Dog Car Seat FAQs

Q: Is it illegal to adjust my dog’s car seat in the front? 

Although not against the law, adjusting your booster seat in the front might get you a ticket, so you should avoid doing this if possible. 

Q: Do all dog car seats come with padding? 

No, not all dog car seats come with extra padding. If your dog is old or has joint issues, go for a seat with extra padding to keep them comfortable. 

Q: Is a dog car seat compatible with an external cover? 

It depends on the model you opted for. Some dog car seats are easily compatible with external covers, while others might not fit perfectly. 

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