Spotted by Carscoops, Hyundai's Indian operation outed the face-lifted Venue before the subcompact crossover debuts in other markets. If we get what India gets, the coming Venue will continue to follow the trail blazed by the Hyundai Palisade. That means giving up a diminutive version of the curvilinear waterfall grille for a diminutive version of a grille dominated by straight lines in dark chrome framing and parametric pattern insert. The new grille structure reorganizes the Venue's face into something much bolder. The main headlight beams carry over, and the current freestanding plain DRLs are swapped for tri-segmented units housed within the grill frame. Below, the lower intake does the opposite, changing from its current three sections to being a single intake. 

In back, the Venue looks across the showroom floor at the Ioniq 5. The face-lifted Venue's taillights are turned into something like the ambient blinking lights on a digital sci-fi display, connected by an illuminated bar across the hatch. The bumper's been colored to match the lower intake in front, above a more prominent fake skid plate.   

In India, Hyundai has touted the coming Venue as having more than 60 connected-car features, including remote operation of the door locks and climate control thanks to Alexa and Google Assistant. Comfort options like the relaxing soundtracks in Hyundai's Sounds of Nature, and reclining rear seats, trickle down from more expensive Hyundai Group products. A digital instrument cluster makes an appearance, showing off Normal, Eco, and Sport driving modes.

It must be noted that the Indian Venue is built there for that market and is slightly different to global models. In India, a slightly shorter wheelbase and length get the Venue under an important tax threshold; the Indian Venue is just under 4 meters long; our U.S. venue is 4.04 meters. Point being, the U.S. model that's anticipated for a reveal on June 16 could be slightly different from the one previewed in southeast Asia.

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