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  • The DS 9 is a new luxury sedan from Peugeot-Citroen‘s luxury brand, DS.
  • It’s about the size of a Mercedes E-class or BMW 5-series and has a 360-hp plug-in-hybrid powertrain.
  • It will go on sale in Europe and China soon, and there’s a possibility we’ll eventually see something like this in the U.S. when Peugeot returns to our market.

    Tired of the monotony of German luxury sedans from Mercedes, BMW and Audi? French luxury brand DS now has a distinctive new entry in this segment: the elegant-looking DS 9. This mid-size luxury sedan joins the DS brand’s other two models, the DS 7 Crossback and DS 3 Crossback crossovers.

    Measuring 194.1 inches long with a 114.2-inch wheelbase, the DS 9 is around the same size as an E-class or 5-series but has a offbeat design inside and out. It will offer a 225-horsepower turbocharged gas engine as standard, along with two different plug-in-hybrid setups: a front-wheel-drive arrangement with 250 horsepower and an all-wheel-drive version with a combined output of 360 horsepower.

    The interior is particularly stylish, with all manner of interesting shapes and textures and advanced-looking displays. DS is offering several different interior themes, all of which have names that are très Français: Bastille, Opéra, Rivoli.

    DS is making a big deal about how the DS 9 complies with global emissions regulations. While the company might be referring primarily to the Chinese market in this case, we suspect that something like this vehicle might eventually make its way to the U.S., even if it may wear a Peugeot badge since that’s the brand that PSA is bringing to America.

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