• Forza Motorsport comes to Xbox Series consoles and PC, it was announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 on Sunday.
  • The new Forza Motorsport features new tracks such as the South African Kyalami Grand Prix circuit and a fictional Japanese high-speed course called Circuit Hakone.
  • Fuel and tire management and increased car customization options are said to make this Forza the most in-depth and realistic experience yet. It's expected out next spring.

    It's been five years since the last iteration of Turn 10 Studio's Forza Motorsport 7 launched, and that game was released a full gaming-console generation ago on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Time flies when you're playing video games, and after watching the ray-traced gameplay of the new Forza Motorsport coming to Xbox Series consoles and PC—announced over the weekend—we kind of wish we could fast-forward to its launch next spring.

    Players will be able to experience racing in extremely detailed 4K resolution. It's not just the stones and cracked tarmac that add to the immersion; the trailer also showed insanely realistic-looking engine bays in amazing detail with heat wrap, carbon fiber, buckles, bolts, and linkages, even down to the backshells on the MIL-spec wire harness fittings. It looks great, but Turn 10 Studios promises the largest changes will be felt on the racetrack.

    forza motorsport

    Turn 10 Studios

    An updated damage engine allows cars to trade paint and wear battle wounds with added realism. Although it doesn't look like you'll be able to make bumpers tear away or convert DPi Prototypes into convertibles, the scratches and bruises appear far more in-depth in this new title than ever before.

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    There's also an overhauled driving physics engine. The new feel of Forza Motorsport should highlight added features such as fuel management and tire changes, as well as the ability to finally choose different tire compounds. Ambient temperature will also affect track surface temperatures, and Turn 10 Studios says that as more rubber is laid down, the car's behavior will change.

    To add realism to its virtual stage, Forza Motorsport used photogrammetry and 3D material scans to render grass, rocks, weeds, and clouds into the game. While games like Gran Turismo 7 only offer the visual enhancement of ray-tracing during replays and in specific photo modes, Forza Motorsport can do it all the time—even when you're using the car ahead of you as a brake in Turn 1.

    Forza Motorsport launched on Xbox Series consoles and PC sometime in spring 2023. Pricing and preorder bundles haven't been announced yet, but it's included with Xbox GamePass subscription and playable on launch.

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