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We write about a lot of Omaze sweepstakes here at Autoblog, and for good reason, as for those of us who aren’t multimillionaires, Omaze is the best chance we’ll have to get behind the wheel of a Bentley Bentayga, Ford GT or an insane Sprinter 4×4 camper van. This time around, the prize is even bigger, an entire house in Orlando, Florida. Why is it then, are we writing about it on an automotive website? Because if you enter by February 5, 2021, you can win a Tesla Model 3 in the runup.

5,000-square-foot Orlando villa – Enter at Omaze

If you’ve never driven a Model 3, here’s what we said about it in our first drive: “The first part of our drive took us through city streets before crossing San Jose via highway on our way to some special mountain curves. Driving down the road, the Model 3 is, as you would expect, quiet. As you pick up speed driving on the highway there’s little wind noise, but a bit more tire noise (it’s worth noting here that our tester was equipped with the optional 19-inch wheels paired with all-season tires). The low background noise allows you to hear all the whirrs and whines of the mechanics and electronics, or, better yet, the radio. The stereo sounded quite crisp without being tinny, and full without being too bassy. We have no complaints here; it’s not quite Burmeister, but we’d take it over most Bose systems. Put on your favorite album and enjoy.

“Tesla says 0-60 miles per hour happens in 5.1 seconds in the long-range version (the base car is capable of the same sprint in 5.6 seconds). Five seconds comes a lot more quickly than you might expect. When you don’t have to pause for shifts, it feels even faster. The linearity of the acceleration adds to the excitement factor, like you’re riding some sort of voltaic slingshot. The quiet adds to the mystique as well. The Model 3 was mild-mannered and well behaved until we intentionally put our foot to the floor, then it let us know that, like its bigger Tesla brethren, it was willing to entertain.

“The Model 3 only has two selectable regenerative braking levels: normal and low. Normal took some getting used to, as it is about as aggressive as the regen in the BMW i3. It’s great, though, as it lets you mostly do one-pedal driving, but it won’t bring you to a full stop (which the i3 will do, if you plan far enough ahead). You can also set the car to either hold or creep when you let off the brake. Choose low regen and turn creep on for a traditional feel, or choose the opposite if you want to feel like you’re driving the car of the future. Honestly, after driving with regen and brake hold on, it felt unnatural to switch it back to the normal car copycat version.”

Each entry into this sweepstakes goes toward a good cause. According to Omaze, “donations will help build out and enhance a state-of-the-art Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Epilepsy is a condition that affects around 470,000 youngsters across the country. As CMN Hospitals says, ‘Change kids’ health, change the future.’”

If you’re interested in a Tesla Model 3 in your driveway, and possibly an entirely new driveway altogether, enter quickly. You have to enter by February 5, 2021 to win the Model 3.

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