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This week, we got some hands-on time with the Early Access Steam game "Circuit Superstars," we learned that GM is thinking about video games' place in far-future car concepts, and "WRC 9" was released for the Nintendo Switch. 

"Circuit Superstars" is available now as an Early Access title on Steam

"Circuit Superstars" is essentially a video game version of Micro Machines in the best way possible. The new game developed by Original Fire Games and published by Square Enix absolutely oozes charm, and it's still only in its Early Access phase. For the uninitiated, Steam, the largest video game marketplace on PC, allows some games to publish in an Early Access beta form, allowing the developer to gather feedback from the community while continuing to polish and finalize its game before the true final release. Anyone can buy the game while it's in Early Access, but it comes with the caveat that it's unfinished and will likely still have some bugs that otherwise wouldn't be present in a final build. That's what's happening with "Circuit Superstars," and we're thankful for that, because even as an Early Access beta the game is a whole lot of fun. 

We were able to play "Circuit Superstars" for a few hours on our Twitch livestream earlier this week (Tuesdays at 2pm EST) and we found that despite a few expected beta-style hiccups, the game is already pretty great. We were impressed with the beautiful visual style, uplifting soundtrack, and stellar handling of the available vehicles. It could still use a few more unlockables and challenges, but those things will likely come as it gets closer to an official release. You can check out our whole play session below, but overall, we had a great time with it and we're excited to watch its growth as it continues to improve before the official final release.

GM designed a car interior made for gaming
Earlier this week, General Motors Design published this awesome rendering of a futuristic car interior on their official Instagram account. The design imagines what a vehicle interior might look like once we're all relying on our cars to do the driving for us. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a big element of the future interior concept is video gaming. You can learn more about the concept in our story right here
"WRC 9" is out for Nintendo Switch

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