A handy air-compressor pump can be an excellent addition to any tool collection. Whether you want to top off your tires during a cold snap or you need to inflate one just enough to limp to the mechanic, it's a device that's nice to have ready. That's why we get excited when we see a quality air pump like this one go on sale.

Portable Air Compressor Pump



$32.87 (24% off)

This particular air-compressor pump from EPAuto is now listed on Amazon for 24 percent off, which comes out to just 33 bucks. The best part? It's portable and plugs right into your vehicle's 12-volt outlet. This means it's easy enough to toss in the trunk during trips, just in case that little low-pressure light flickers on your dashboard.

It's simple to use too—just plug into the cigarette lighter, attach the hose to the valve stem, set to the desired psi, and watch it work. The power cord measures out to 9 feet long, and the filler hose reaches about 2 1/2 feet. It features an auto shut-off function that cuts airflow once the desired psi is reached, and an overheat protector will shut off the pump if it gets too hot.

air compressor pump


There's a couple things to be aware of: There's no plug for a traditional 110-volt AC outlet, so you can only power it through your vehicle's 12-volt outlet. EPAuto also recommends against using it on LT or heavy-duty truck tires; but for normal passenger tires, it's fair game.

All in all, it's an affordable, portable way to make sure you have a backup plan for a slow leak or soft tires in the winter. It's a must-have for any road tripper, but you'll want to scoop it up now—we have no idea how long it'll be on sale. So pump up your vehicle's emergency kit with this handy little compressor; you never know when you'll need one.

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