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Motorists in the market for a coupe or a convertible have two fewer options to choose from for 2021. BMW confirmed the two-door variants of the M8 will not return to the American market for the 2021 model year, leaving the four-door Gran Coupe as the only version available. Whether either body style will come back for 2022 is unclear.

BMW quietly announced the two-door M8’s demise by leaving it out of its 2021 model updates. Although it didn’t explain its decision, it hardly comes as a surprise; Automotive News reported the firm had a difficult time finding buyers for the 8 Series in the United States earlier in 2020, and the on-going coronavirus pandemic hasn’t helped its cause. And, demand for big, expensive two-door models has been steadily shrinking globally in the past few years, which at least partially explains why the next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be four-door-only.

BMW doesn’t break down 8 Series sales by body style or model, so we don’t know how many units of the two-door M8 it sold in 2019. 4,410 examples of the 8 (all body styles and variants) found a home last year, a figure which placed the model comfortably ahead of the i8 (1,102 sales) and slightly behind the i3 (4,845 sales).

Enthusiasts in the market for a 2021 M8 will need to select the four-door Gran Coupe, which carries a base price of $130,000. Alternately, the two-door 840i and M850i models (powered by a six- and an eight-cylinder engine, respectively) will be part of BMW’s 2021 line-up.

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