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Road safety is essential during snowy and sleet season. So, to ensure your safety our team carefully reviewed the top tire chains for snow in 2022. If you’ve ever been caught in a snowstorm, you would know what a nightmare it is to drive in those precarious conditions. Slippery roads coupled with near-to-zero visibility add to motorists’ misery who are simply trying to get to their destination. While high-quality headlights can solve the latter problem, we are here to suggest a solution to the former. Say hello to the leading tire chains for snow in 2022!

These bad boys add necessary traction and stability to your tires. In some mountainous regions, you’re supposed to have tire chains installed by law. With so many options available, it can become a bit overwhelming when it comes to buying a chain for your tires. So, to help you through that we’ve compiled a list of the best ones available and a buyer’s guide so you and your family can safely face those dreary winter mornings. 

Our Picks Of The Best Tire Chains for Snow of 2022

Fun-Driving Tire Chains for Snow: Recommended

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This pick is a powerhouse when it comes to providing stability on slippery roads. The chains are made of heavy-duty welded iron which is coated with zinc to prevent rust. Moreover, the chains also boast enhanced iron rings which improve durability and overall grip. The Fun-Driving tire chains for snow are designed to fit SUVs and cars with tire widths of 8.5-12.4 inches. In addition, the chains come packed in a durable bag which allows you to stow them away in your vehicle or garage easily. These chains are also incredibly versatile so much so that they can be used off-season across all terrains. This versatility has earned them the top spot on our list.


  • Suitable for a variety of tires thanks to its long belt 
  • Comes with an easy storage bag 


  • Need to be adjusted frequently

NICEASY Tire Chains for Snow: Easy-to-use

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The Niceasy tire chains for snow have superb traction and grip for road stability. These anti-skid chains are made from zinc to prevent the build-up of rust which adds to their lifespan. You also get a handy bag in this package for easy storage and portability. These chains can fit on tires that measure 8.5-12.4 inches. Talking about fitting, you also get a pair of gloves in this package which fits snugly. As far as installation goes, setting these chains up is extremely easy. This is thanks to the ratchet strap system which simply clicks the links into place. The design is also built in a way that allows the tightener to roll with the wrench plate for added convenience.


  • Versatile usage that goes beyond snowy roads
  • Easy installation process


  • Not easy to take off 

Konig Store Tire Chains for Snow: Budget friendly

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The Konig Store tire chains for snow are easy to install with a capital E. Trust us, even your Grandma could probably fit them up. This is thanks to the attachment points of the chain being color-coded so you can easily piece the thing together. Do note, however, this pick isn’t compatible with every vehicle. So, it would be best for you to ensure you opt for the size that fits your ride’s wheels. These tire chains for snow are made of manganese nickel alloy, which ensures durability and longevity. The package also contains a mounting instructional manual, a kneeling mat, gloves, and a portable storage container. Moreover, the Konig Store tire chains have a manual tensioning system that tightens the chain while the other component latches onto it. This helps keep the chains from getting frozen while you’re on the move.


  • An affordable pair of heavy-duty chains
  • Corrosion-resistant chains 


  • Plastic coating on chains could be more durable 

Aiung Tire Chains for Snow: Best adjustable chains

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The Aiung tire chains for snow are an innovative set of snow chains made from a blend of high-quality aluminum alloys, steel studs, premium steel, and thermoplastic polyurethane. They come packed in a portable and lightweight container along with a pair of gloves and a cute little plastic snow shovel. Customers particularly appreciate how these chains are compatible with a range of cars, from sedans to SUVs due to their adjustable nature. Moreover, their anti-skid design imparts ample traction and grip. This is crucial during unsuitable weather conditions. Let’s also not forget just how easy to install these chains are!


  • Universal, since they can be adjusted
  • Great after-sales service


  • Nylon straps may fray after use

Jeremywell Tire Chains for Snow: Also consider

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The Jeremywell tire chains for snow take the usual tire chain design to the next level by employing textured straps of thickened imported TPU material. This product universally fits many cars, light trucks, and SUVs, specifically those with tire dimensions of 6.5-10.8 inches. This option can also resist low temperatures of -185°F, making each component of the chain supremely cold resistant. The chains have a zinc alloy buckle with a tiger-tooth design that firmly latches onto the belt. Talking about the belt, this nylon belt is wide and thick with high tensile strength. This makes it impossible to break easily. This pick is also ideal to be used in snowy, muddy, or even sandy places due to its versatile design.


  • Double-tier design provides good traction 
  • Resistant to cold temperatures as low as -185°F


  • Straps tend to snap easily

Buying Guide: Tire Chains for Snow

High-quality tire chains are essential in your arsenal of snow gear. So, let’s take a look at this in-depth buyer’s guide which will help you buy them, shall we?

What Are the Different Types of Tire Chains for Snow? 

Generally speaking, there are three types of snow tire chains:

  • Heavy-duty tire chains 
  • Textured plastic tire chains  
  • Adjustable nylon strap tire chains 

Now, let’s take a closer look at these different types and assess their differences:

Heavy-duty tire chains

We can all agree that maneuvering through snow and icy roads is no easy task, right? Well, heavy-duty chains are explicitly built to overcome this challenge. These chains are made of robust steel and alloys which add much-needed durability and strength. This strength is essential for the mammoth task of paving your way through a blanket of snow.

Textured plastic tire chains

If you’re all about peaceful drives, consider a textured plastic tire chain. This type ensures less vibration and noise as you drive through unfavorable weather conditions. A far cry from the chunky heavy-duty chains, this type of chain is sleek and easy to use due to its lightweight design. 

Some models are even integrated with dual-directional cleats or grooves. These elements wedge between the tracks of your tires for better grip and control. In addition, they also come with a fixed button release system with spikes and anti-release grain for adjustability. 

Adjustable strap tire chains

As the name suggests, adjustable strap tire chains for snow have a thickened tendon material that can be bent for easy placement. This is made flexible via nylon straps around your car’s tire that boast spiral steel studs around them. This design choice makes them great at providing your car with excellent skid resistance. Adjustable strap tire chains, however, aren’t the best option if you’re considering a long drive due to their low durability.

How Much Do Snow Tire Chains Usually Cost? Are They Worth Buying? 

Generally speaking, heavy-duty tire chains can cost you anywhere between $60 to $90. On the other hand, ones with plastic traction will be well under the $45 mark. This price variation is due to the materials incorporated in the tire chain design. We mean, steel and heavy metals cost more than plastic and nylon, right? 

As far as the worthiness of snow tire chains goes, this hardware provides robust grip and traction to your vehicle. This is especially important when you’re navigating icy roads. Let’s also not forget these chains are ideal to be used all year round if you live in muddy, sandy, or mountainous regions which adds more value to their use.

What to Look for When Buying Tire Chains for Snow?  

Let’s take a look at the key considerations you should bear in mind while you are browsing the online marketplace for a new set of snow tire chains:


Most tire chains for snow are made of stainless steel with additions of various metal alloys. These are optimized for use in heavy snowy conditions. If you’re opting for steel tire chains for snow, make sure they are resistant to rust and corrosion. 

On the other hand, low-budget chains are made of plastic and nylon. These are generally recommended for shorter distances and less adverse weather conditions. Let’s also not forget plastic and nylon chains weigh a lot less than their metallic cousins.

Tire size and clearance  

Clearance level is the space between your tire chains and car body parts that must be maintained. Otherwise, the chains can ruin your tires and car parts extensively. Our tip here would be to read through your car’s maintenance manual to ensure there aren’t any warnings advised. Once you have verified that, you can take measurements of your tires and purchase a set of chains that fit them properly.  

Buying Tips for the Top Snow Tire Chains

Moving forward, let’s take a look at these two expert insights which will help you set apart great snow tire chains from the not-so-great ones: 

Durability & maintenance 

When selecting a set of chains, consider the materials being used since this will determine whether or not they are long-lasting and durable. Usually, metal chains are the most durable. With proper care, these chains can withstand wear and tear and last you for a few years.  

Ease of Installation

When you’re in the middle of particularly snowy weather, the last thing you would want to do is struggle to install chains on your tires. This is why you should consider ones that come with self-tightening and self-centering features. These will enable you to install the tire chains easily. 

You’ll also have to decide between weight and convenience here. Lightweight chains, although easier to carry around and install might not be strong enough for the type of roads and rough conditions that you’ll be driving on. 

Tire Chains for Snow FAQ’s

Let’s end things off by taking a look at the most recurring queries people have about the tire chains for snow:  

Q: What are the top tire chains for snow? 

The Fun-Driving tire chains for snow bring back the ‘fun’ while driving in snow. These chains are made of high-quality welded iron which is coated with zinc to keep rusting at bay. An easy-to-use ratchet roll tightens and loosens the chains for quick assembly. 

These chains can be used in all types of terrains and weather conditions. Moreover, they also come packed in a tool bag with additional accessories like gloves, a snow chain wrenches plate, and a nifty snow shovel.

Q: When can I use tire chains for snow? 

Although there is the word snow in the name, tire chains for vehicles provide superior traction when driving through particularly rocky or rough terrains too. So, that’s a checkmark on snowy roads and rough tracks. Just make sure these chains are not used on a bare pavement as this may damage your tires severely.

Q: Do tire chains ruin your tires in the long run? 

No, tire chains shouldn’t ruin your tires if properly used. One benefit of tire chains is your tires spin less when wrapped with them. This results in less friction when driving and adds to the tire’s life. These chains must not be used on pavements and solid ground. Doing so will break the chains and subsequently damage your tires.

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