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Ian Callum stepped down from the helm of Jaguar’s design department last year to start his own firm creating new works of art and breathing new life into classic works. We’d bet all the money that the team at Callum Designs never guessed they’d be sketching coloring book pages for kids not even a year later, yet that’s where the coronavirus outbreak has got us. With the UK among many countries in the world dealing with closed schools and businesses, and self-isolation orders, parents might be finding it challenging to keep the kids occupied all day every day. Here, then, are three designs featuring Callum’s first real-life adult project, the Vanquish 25. The images put the upgraded coupe in three settings, one of them a car wash overseen by an elephant and a parrot.

For any not familiar with the Vanquish 25, it’s Callum’s take on how he’d improve the first-generation coupe that he designed. The original Vanquish sold from 2001 to 2007, before the supercar looks and technology we take for granted today. Callum makes over the Vanquish S by rebuilding it with a lowered chassis, an improved 5.9-liter V12 with 60 additional horsepower, a wider track and better suspension, revised lines from front to rear, a new center console with a modern infotainment system, and Bridge of Weir leather throughout the cabin. Limited to 25 examples, each Vanquish 25 costs £550,000 ($663,600 U.S.), which includes the price of a donor Vanquish S.

The coloring book pages, however, are free, and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. There’s more free stuff, too: Callum Designs will be watching out for colored-in pages tagged with #colorwithcallum on social media, and selecting their favorites to receive prizes. And while companies like Scholastic have touted the benefits of coloring books for kids, Psychology Today has written about academic studies examining coloring’s therapeutic benefits for adults. So grown-ups, don’t be afraid to color with the littles. Only don’t try and steal the free prizes.

Callum says there are GT3 coloring designs on the way, too. If that’s not enough, or if your tastes tend toward other automotive pastures, PrintFree has classic American muscle car designs ready for download, Coloring Home has a range of exotics in addition to Hello Kitty and Cars line art, and there’s even manufacturer-specific sites like Super Coloring’s Ford pages with everything from a 1928 Ford Model A to a lifted 2012 Ford F350 Dually. Ladies and gentlemen, start your Crayons.

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