Citroën has refreshed its famous double-chevron badge for just the 10th time in 103 years, moving away from its current free-standing silver chevrons after 13 years and one major refresh.

The new badge sets the chevrons inside a circle, just as company founder André Citroën did in 1919. The company's topically named Global Brand Designer, Alexandre Revert, calls it a return to the founder's original vision, "the genuine promise of affordable and innovative mobility for all."

citroën badge history


Citroën is also introducing a new "corporate brand identity program" called "Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën." That's unrelated to the company's part in the wave of Stellantis-wide electrification slogans introduced last year, "Citroën Electric: Well-Being for All." However, the new "brand signature" has the same basic goal: Introduce the company's push toward electrification with a new tone.

Like all Stellantis brands, Citroën will be focusing on electrification in the immediate future. That electrified future is not expected to include the United States market any time soon, but drivers who absolutely need to get their hands on an electrified Citroën can rent the Ami city car in a

third-party, Washington D.C.-only ride share program announced last year.

The brand says the new logo will debut on a "significant" concept later this month, marking this next era of Citroëns with unique and distinctive new branding. Given that there are just four days left in the month, that concept should be coming very soon.

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