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Chrysler is once again teasing its battery-electric Airflow concept. The company has issued a new image ahead of its official debut at the New York Auto Show later this week. The rendering, as well as language in the accompanying release, indicates that Chrysler may have redesigned the concept before a production version even hits the market.

The latest image shows a long, thin light bar at the Airflow’s nose, with acute angles just before the headlight to create a bit of a “lightning bolt” zig-zag. There’s also a wide, U-shaped graphic below the bar, and a “grille” featuring a pattern of slits that surrounds the bar.

Previous Airflow images from Chrysler — released as recently as January at CES — have shown a very different front end. There, a differently shaped bar was broken up by a stylized Chrysler logo, done up in an outline of the traditional wings. The ends of the bar extended to the edges of the headlights without any sharp angles. It also appeared to have a different grille texture above and below the bar.

“Chrysler will unveil a new look for the brand’s all-electric Chrysler Airflow Concept at the 2022 New York International Auto Show,” the press release states. The same statement also refers to “a potential design path on the brand’s journey to an all-electric future.”

The Airflow is the latest in a slew of luxury models promised by automakers trying to re-invent their brands by going electric. It is named after the revolutionary 1934 Airflow, the first automobile to employ aerodynamics in its design. Though not a commercial success, it is credited with forever changing automotive styling principles. Although EVs are no longer avant-garde, Chrysler seems to hope that the new Airflow will make as dramatic a change in the industry, or at least revive the brand.

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